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Spray booth with most advanced technology
Termomeccanica GLSpray booth - Sprintek give the best result
Sprintek contemporary spray booth who achieved outstanding results in the coating and raises productivity by more than 50% with great savings in energy. Inverters, the system of direct fire, touch screen with 20 predprogramiranih phases, with the system of turbine motors, lighting up the panels šesteroredno vertically below gives a crystal clear light. It is a real pleasure to paint in this cabin.

Termomeccanica GLIndustrial spray booth
For electrostatic application of paint or classical spraj system in the metal, Wood Processing Industry in painting large commercial vehicles, special vehicles, cars, airplanes and boats. If necessary, can be mounted sliding chain systems for the transport of parts of the van-and-through the paint shop, painting robots and robotic infrared dryers depending najmene termolakirnice and industrial production purposes. It is possible to design with special filters only input and exhaust air with ecological filter.

Termomeccanica GLTermomeccanica GL - Preparatory place for preparatory work
Preparation of car part products that every modern body shoops need. With spray bohts and rooms for mixing color to a product that allows you to accelerate the entire process of painting. Can be used as a place for painting small parts such as doors, hood roof ... and using infrared dryers the process is reversed. Effective ventilation, lighting, additional racks and shelves as well as the installation of systems for odsis dust during grinding allows the smooth and orderly operation. As the system can be mounted screens that can be electronically motorized or manual color of your choice.

Termomeccanica GLCar bench - Super Star Global achieves the best results
Super Star Global 360 is a car bench which dont need to move the oval base - and move 360 degrees in the direction you want. Enable quick and precise stretching and straightening of the distorted parts of the vehicle. The power of each pulling tower is 10 tons. Oval base length is 5.00 meters and capacity up to 4 tons of scissors with dual hydraulic crane, and in this way can repair and heavy commercial vehicles. When navoženja vehicles on the same base is tilted by 5 degrees, which allows easy and safe navoženje. Super Star Global 360 comes with a system for mounting and measurement with 6 transverse beams for all types of vehicles currently available on the market. Power, speed, precision and reliability are the features of this equipment.

Real estateIn golf with pool near the beach and see
It is like haus from the dream, located on island Korcula in golf Zaglav on beautifull place. The space of house are 520 m2 and the space of land are 14000 m2. In a front of house have a private pool and direct coming on the beach and see. It is totaly set, newbuilding and new equiped.

Real estateIn Primosten haus with apartment and store
Its located in Primosten, 25 km from Split in middle Dalmatia yust near the see the beach in first line. On the first floor are apartments and on the groud floor are four store,

Real estateIn Split - the sky scraper
Its located in Dalmatia in the biggest town Split yust 2 minuts from centar. The all office in sky scraper are for rent . Now is possible to give advance subscription.

Real estateFour apartment on island Korcula yust near see and beach
Its located on beatifulll part of islands where are yust few haus for rest, 5 mt from clear see and beach in pine woods. There are 4 apartment : one of 115 m2 on down floor with big front and side terrace , and two small on the first floor each 32 m2 and in attic 64 m2. The apartmans are totaly adapted : all instalation of electric, watter and drainage are changes, readjusted the roof, set up new aluminum joinery, floors and badthroom are maked with expensive Italian marble botticina and travertina.

Real estateVilla
Ville"Korkyra" is located on island Korcula in place Prizba - south side of island yust near see and have private beach with 5 arranged platea ( part Villenviertel). Up the street there is not building haus and on that way there is not other pearson which gou to the see. Its situated in mediterian greens and respire with privates and have exceptional microlocation. Have a three independet apartment 250 m2 including terrace.

Real estateIn Trogir, Seget - Vranjica with swiming pool near see
The private hotel has situated by the sea, with its acompanying beach, near the historic town of Trogir, enjoying a wonderful view of the mid Dalmatian archipelagos and crystal clear Adriatic sea, offers everything needed for the comfortable and relaxing vacation.

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