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Spray booth with most advanced technology

Termomeccanica GL - Preparatory place for preparatory work

Preparation of car part  products that every modern body shoops need. With spray bohts and rooms for mixing color to a product that allows you to accelerate the entire process of painting. Can be used as a place for painting small parts such as doors, hood roof ... and using infrared dryers the process is reversed. Effective ventilation, lighting, additional racks and shelves as well as the installation of systems for odsis dust during grinding allows the smooth and orderly operation. As the system can be mounted screens that can be electronically motorized or manual color of your choice.

With equipment, scissors lift in the floor, sliding infra in the ceiling, racks for storage, a central electronic system for the extraction; lighting in the ceiling, full floor truss

Protection with a motorized system of raising and lowering the red color - color option: completely white, clear or blue. Shutters can be plain or manual.

Double preparatory zone with scissors lifting the floor, launching infrastructure in the ceiling with the longitudinal vertical and horizontal sliders, racks for storage of expendable materials and grinder, a central electronic system - with the extension hose odsis; lighting in the ceiling and walls above the racks, full floor grille odsis through the base of the concrete floor. Central electric control panels built into the walls for control of ventilation and lighting. Motorised front and partition screens to work through each of the preparatory place independently of each other.


Set a great mix of equipment rooms for auto varnish (right) - termolakirnicom with 4 swing doors - three areas of preparation that one with a motorized roller frontal and partition door and the other two with a manual sliding protection with built-in full gear as more installed.


Set the equipment in a completely white


                                                              Cranes in the preparatory zone 

 Scissor lifts from the platform in the preparatory zone greatly facilitate and accelerate the work especially in the lower parts of the vehicle.
Preparatory zones are essentially composed of ventilation, which is done by noon odsis grid and recirculation cycle. Can have an increased metal floor or floor truss can be embedded into a concrete base. Ventilation units can be derived from eco or ordinary synthetic filters. Power ventilation adjusts the size of the preliminary sites. Type the plenum, lighting, construction of floor cranes, odsisnog, upravljačog systems, curtains and all the important details can be fully adapt to the requirements of the customer. 
By special request of the Preparatory places can be fitted with ventilation and heating. 

Termomeccanica GL is a modern company that covers 20 000 m2 of brand-new office. Equipped with the latest technology for the production of currently available in the market. 


►  Termomeccanica GL  - Friday, April 30, 2010
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