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Real estateIn middle Dalmatia - Pirovac near see and marina
Haus with restaurant in centar of Pirovac. Located 50 mt from main beach and cost and from the main centar 150 mt. It is haus with reaturant in down place which work from 1981 year with big kitchen, terrace with 80 sitting place. There is also another one over the street terrace with aditional 70 ( 117m2) sitting place with bar. All have almoust 400 m2 different terrace with 300 m2 housing place ( with restoran ). On up floor is a apartment 130 m2. There is possiblle to make aditional 5 apartment.

Real estateIn Vodice - town for good rest and lead
The town Vodice call Croatian "Saint Tropez" . It is beatifully place on the middle Adriatic see in Dalmatia. It si very close auto higvay, two very nice National park - Kornati and Watterfalls of Krka and airport in Zadar or Split. The building and apartment are very close centar . The building is new maked and have diifferent apartment, from 38 - 62 m2. All apartment include store and parking place. Some apartment have terrace with look on the see.

Real estateIn Istria on willage new reconstructed
The house is settled in a small village Bataji (5 houses in total), below Motovun town, Istria, Croatia. It has a beautiful panoramic view at ancient Venetian town of Motovun, than Cicarija mountains and mountains in Slovenia (40 km away), and on the other side to hill town of Groznjan (well known for its classic music festivals). It is settled on a tender hill slope looking to the river Mirna valley. Village is surrounded by vineyards, forests, gardens and fields.

Real estateFor etno willage or private haus
It is far away 2 km from see and place Podgora ( Makarska ), located near street for National park Bikovo. Its composed of few small stone hausis and is also possible with it very close buy agricirtual land. The haus is necessery adapt acording the local rules but is possible to adapt to indivindual needs and also to make a pool. With all facilities and with fact that is very close the see in nature it can bee also for etno willage or place for wright rest. Is possible to ask intent from specilized architect who was make some plan.

Real estateOn Island Krk in centar of old Baska complitly restaured
The haus is compllitly restaured and it is an hearth of protected historic area of Baška, 30 mt from see and beach and 20 mt from restoran and marcet. It is restaured under al rules of conservatoric vocation to respect old way of building but with use a new material on the space where that vocation allows. New roof, new intermediate wood construction, stone facade and the part of inside wall with visible stone, wood window and doors... In a haus are 2 complilitly equiped apartmans every for 2-3 person on two floor.

Real estateIn Istria for building a haus with pool
The land is in Istria - Porec - Labinci litlle urbanized willage and is located near main street faraway form se about 2000 km. Is possibll to make a haus with free floor with pool like is showed. For everthing are legitimate building permit for what there is concept design. Is possibly to make a haus with cellar, ground floor and first floor covered with attic adapted to special configuration of land. Beacuse of that the hause have dinamic and practic formation.

Real estateIn Vodice - for a building 16 apartmens
In Vodice in middle Dalmatia - town of flower and good lead. Located 500 mt from centar and see. Two land each 500 m2 totaly 1000 mt2 for building 16 apartmens.

Real estateThe Croatian low for buying real estate
Citizens and legal persons from Member States of the European Union acquire the ownership right of real property in Republic of Croatia under the presumptions which are valid by acquiring the ownership rights for nationals of the Republic of Croatia and for legal persons with the seat in the Republic of Croatia.

About usBasic information
The firm «Produkta d.o.o.» was founded in 1994. year. Very quickly, from 1996 year, as soar in the height with activity of delivery the equipment in most important auto - service center's in Croatia, and then in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In new time, with existing program, we toward to new product's and services. Introducing the news in same, and extended activity to new device and real estate.

About usOur activity
The offer wich we wont to indtroduce you are real estate on beatiful and magic Adriatic see and Istria. Starting from haus and apartment for rest your family to hotels with apartment for your possible investment and business. There is so much nice place on cost and island still undtaciblle with nature, such is clean watter and Adriatic see. Maybe is now right time for that.

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